The Tenant Background Check: Why You Need a Criminal Check

The Tenant Background Check: Why You Need a Criminal Check

Criminals may seem like they only take up a small percentage of the population, but that's not the case. In the US, about 70 million people have a criminal record of some sort. That's almost a third of the country!

That's a disconcerting statistic for a landlord in search of new tenants. Prospective tenants might have a charismatic, smiling face that hides dark secrets beneath. Is there any way to ensure the people living in your property are good?

There is, and it's with a tenant background check. Let's take a look at the reasons why you need one in Akron, Ohio.

A Tenant Background Check Keeps Out Felons

While there are a lot of people in the US with criminal records, most of it is very minor stuff. For example, about 40 million people get speeding tickets every year. You wouldn't want someone to be excluded from your apartment because they got caught in a speed trap.

However, a criminal background check is especially good for weeding out felons and sexual predators. Allowing such people to rent with you could get you in legal trouble. At the very least, keeping them out ensures you are only finding tenants that are great for your investment property.

It Reveals Previous Rental Mishaps

Tenant screening isn't just for crimes, it's for other types of bad behavior. Take, for example, eviction. An eviction may not always pop up as a crime, especially if it never involves the sheriff.

On the whole, getting a criminal background check can identify many problems someone had with their previous landlord.

Applicants Pay for It

A background check and tenant interview are great, but they still take your money and time. Landlords often want to do them until they see the price tag on background checks. Fortunately, you can include this in your application fee.

Background checks are part and parcel of application fees across the country. They ensure you are compensated for your costs and time, even if the tenant's not a good fit.

It Streamlines Finding Golden Tenants

It's in the landlord's best interest to have their rental property occupied at all times. If it's empty for even a month, that's potential earnings straight down the drain. The thing is, problem tenants don't usually reveal themselves to be problems until they've already signed the lease.

A background check ensures a more trustworthy type of person. Therefore, it's more likely that you will find a good tenant that could stay for many years. These golden tenants are low-stress, easy to manage, and provide a consistent passive income.

Find Property Management in Akron

A tenant background check is a must-have for any landlord who wants to be sure who they are renting to. It keeps out ne'er-do-wells, especially those who have been evicted in the past. Applicants cover the cost, which increases the likelihood that your tenants are of the golden variety.

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